Build a Culture of Good

Help employees connect what they do on a daily basis to a bigger why.
Amazing things happen! You and your company will never be the same again.

Unleash Results

Culture is the outcome of everyone's behaviors. The Culture Of Good is based on Five Promises. When you and your company build a Culture of Good, you will create positive results with significant impact for you, your business and the world.

Learn From Anywhere

The video series is available anywhere you have an internet connection. Once you've purchased the course, simply log in to your account.

Flexible Schedule

Each video is about 3 minutes in length, followed by a 10-12 minute activity. Just find 15 minutes in your schedule and finish another module.

Go At Your Own Pace

Whether it's one a day or 2-3 each week, you set your own schedule for completing the series.

Culture is a
competitive advantage!

What would happen if we intentionally tore down those walls that separate us from going to work and giving back—if everyone was given permission to do good while they did their work?

Enroll in "Build a Culture of Good" to gain your advantage.


Foreword from Build A Culture of Good

"Companies spend billions trying to boost employee engagement: that elusive, idealized condition in which workers are “in the zone,” to borrow a phrase from sports. When people are engaged, they are committed, interested, active, productive—in short, they care.

As an executive coach and a business educator, I have spent years grappling with why this idea is so hard to instill in some people. To put it simply: how do you get people to care? In Build a Culture of Good, Scott and Ryan show how a philanthropic mission that is deeply connected to every facet of the organization is good for customers, employees, and the community. I find this approach compelling for many reasons—not least because it offers a new perspective on how to motivate and engage employees."

-Excerpt from Marshall Goldsmith
Executive coach, business educator, and New York Times bestselling author,
ranked no. 1 leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50



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